Good Tactics, Bad Strategy, Better Idea

Well, I’ve watched the “George Obama” ad that Kim posted below, and after careful consideration, I have to say I don’t like it.

It’s 100% accurate, and it’s not from the McCain camp, and it makes a brutal rebuttal to the “Cindy McCain abandoned her half-sister” bullshit, but I just don’t like it.

I don’t dislike it out of any sympathy for Barack Obama, or in his defense. I don’t like it because it’s exploiting George Obama, in a way that is purely for political gain and does nothing for him — or the millions and millions of others in Africa who are in similar plights, without having a famous distant (in every way but genetic) relative.

It represents one of the most loathsome aspects of today’s politics — the “anything that hurts my opponent is fair, as long as it passes the ‘technically accurate’ test.” And the rationales for running it are the same old ones whenever one side or the other does something cheap — “they did it first,” “it’s true, isn’t it?,” “the American people have a right to know this about the candidate,” and so on.

Those all stink. Those all stink to high heaven.

I’m glad that McCain is not taking part in them. I only wish he could exert some kind of influence on the Texas Republicans who came up with it to kill it.

No, as some of the commenters alluded to on Kim’s piece, there’s already a perfectly serviceable venue for this kind of an attack on Obama — one a hell of a lot more direct, and one that I, at least, can support with a clean conscience. It’s the one I’ve already put my own money into — the Save Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School in Kenya.

As I noted before, a couple of years ago Senator Obama visited his ancestral homeland of Kenya. In his father’s village, he went to a school and pledged to support it. In return, the locals changed the name in his honor. Since then, he’s done exactly nothing for that school.

In a rather ironic twist, Juliette “Baldilocks” Ochieng heard about this because she feels a sort of kinship with Obama. Like him, her father came to America from the same village, the same tribe, to build a better life. And she has achieved her own measure of the American dream — a distinguished career in the military and notable success as a blogger. She’s also one of those truly rare creatures, a black woman who’s also conservative.

Well, she saw the unfulfilled promise of Senator Obama and chose to help it be kept in spite of him. She set up a non-profit to raise money for the school, and so far they’re raised over $5300 dollars in a matter of a few weeks. (A very small part of that came out of my wallet, I’m proud to say.)

Imagine this ad, complete with appropriate pictures of the ramshackle school, adorable big-eyed Kenyan schoolchildren, and intersperse a few shots of Obama, possibly with sound of him saying “I promise” various thing::

“In 2006, Senator Obama visited a small school in his father’s home village and pledged to support a school. They named the school in his honor, as their most famous son. Since then, Americans have raised over $5,000 for the school.

Not one penny of it from Senator Obama.

Keep the promise Senator Obama couldn’t be bothered to keep. Give to the Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School.

But remember: if Barack Obama wouldn’t keep his promise to a school named after him, how can you trust him to keep his promises to America?”

And have running across the bottom of the screen the whole time.

THAT ad, I think, would be a huge killer. That one would leave Obama and his legions of sycophants gut-punched and gasping. That one would have no answer, no weasel, no excuses.

Hmm… I thought I heard that John McCain had bought advertising time during the Democratic National Convention. Wouldn’t that be an absolutely perfect opportunity to air such an ad?

No need to thank me, Senator. Just send a few bucks to the Obama School.

Same goes for the rest of you, especially those who cheered on the “George Obama” ad. It’s a chance to do something positive AND rub Obama’s nose in his broken promise.

Can we keep the promise that Barack Obama can’t be bothered to honor?


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