Democratic National Convention – Night 1

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is speaking about Ted Kennedy. It’s really not appropriate to criticize a man who’s so gravely ill, but the private Ted Kennedy she’s describing is not the man that’s Ted Kennedy’s presented to the world.

The tribute was unbearable with John Kerry’s voice in it.

Ted Kennedy comes on stage. Everyone’s crying. I wonder if they cried like this for Mary Jo Kopeckne.

I’m afraid Kennedy is really muffing the ends of his sentences again.

He says Americans will be committed to Obama’s cause. I thought he just said he didn’t want Americans to be committed to a mistake?

Congressman Wexler is now the floor speaking to Hannity. Wexler. I remember him.

Karl Rove is up next on Hannity and Colmes. I so love Karl.

It’s 10:03pm. Michelle Obama is up soon.

The Fox News folks are doing their best to fill the time until Michelle shows up with all kinds of analysis that I find to be completely meaningless.

Ugh. We still have 15 minutes until Mrs. O speaks.

Ok, Michelle’s mom is now narrating a video about her.

She thought the name Barack Obama was weird. Yeah.

Compassion? She hasn’t presented herself as being very compassionate.

At the end of the video, the crowd reaction wasn’t as enthusiastic as I expected.

Michelle’s brother seems like a very nice man and I’m sure he’s a talented basketball coach, but he’s murder to listen to.

There’s Michelle. Is it me or does the crowd just not seem that jazzed?

Change! Take a drink.

Michelle is beautiful. She’s articulate. But she’s not inspiring. At least she’s not Teresa Heinz Kerry. Oh, pardon me, Teresa Heinz.

She just tried to throw a bone to Hillary and her 18 million voters.

She says she loves this country, and the crowd goes…somewhat wild.

Caroline Kennedy said Ted Kennedy helped bring an end to Apartheid. Michelle Obama says Obama helped set up after school programs so kids could be safe, that he worked from block to block. Hmmm. Sorry, not presidential material.

Oh my goodness this is all such pap. Bill Kristol is right. The speech was very generic. She didn’t say that much that was all that interesting.

Quote of the night from James Carville: “If this party has a message, it did a hell of a job hiding it.” Ouch!!

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