Washington Post: Biden Doesn’t Benefit Obama

According to a flash poll conducted by the Washington Post, Biden as Obama’s VP doesn’t change the minds of 75% of those polled:

Barack Obama’s choice of Joe Biden as his running mate is unlikely to shake-up the presidential horse race. In a new Washington Post-ABC News poll completed last night, three-quarters of voters said picking Biden would not sway their votes one way or the other. And about as many said they would be more apt to support Obama with Biden on the ticket as said the choice would make them less likely to vote Democratic on Election Day (13 to 10 percent).

In other words, Obama’s choice of Joe Biden does nothing to help him or to excite the base. Those delegates who are Hillary supporters are still going to vote for her at the convention.

The only real winner here is Joe Biden, who has quite an ego. Now he’ll be all over television. He’ll have motorcades everywhere he goes. And he’ll be able to talk until the cows come home.

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