The McCain Campaign is Already on the Ball

Team McCain is already running an ad titled “Biden.” From Andrew Malcolm at Top of the Ticket:

[I]t features Biden himself talking about Obama (you might guess Biden once thought the freshman Illinois senator was not yet ready for primetime) standing right next to Obama, who was looking down his nose wordlessly during a Democratic debate last winter.

And the ad also features Biden talking about McCain; Biden says he’d be honored to run with or against a John McCain. Is it possible the two of them could have an elevated, respectful civil debate over the future of our foreign policy? Can a presidential candidate do that with an opposing vice presidential candidate, who’s supposed to be the attack dog?

Not only does Biden say he’d be honored to run with or against McCain but that the country would be better off with McCain. Biden’s own words. Check it out:

Ed Morrissey, on Obama’s terribly delayed announcement and botched text message, which I said was stupid and I was right, asks maybe no one wanted to be Obama’s VP.

Not only has Obama turned this into a game show, he has also now built up expectations to the point where almost any selection would be a letdown. The two rumored picks, Joe Biden and Evan Bayh, do not scream excitement. They don’t have the kind of star status that would justify this kind of NFL Draft Day engineering. Only Hillary Clinton or Al Gore might approach that kind of celebrity. Hillary would be better announced at the convention than on a Saturday afternoon, and Gore has already done the VP gig for eight years.

Obama has made a mess out of this announcement, and blown a natural opportunity to demonstrate his leadership. He also has given John McCain a wide opening to handle his own running-mate announcement in a manner which will demonstrate the Gravitas Gap which has widened considerably this month between the two candidates.

It’s called lack of experience. The man has had so few life experiences that he’s ill prepared to be president of the United States and leader of the free world. As I said before, Obama’s attempt to present himself like he’s in the same league as John McCain is a total charade, and it seems that a chunk of the American voting public that had been impressed with Obama is beginning to catch on to this fact.

Yesterday, my husband and I took our kids to a Day Out with Thomas, and as we walked by the area where Bob the Builder (a guy in a Bob the Builder suit) was performing, Bob asked the kids if they can get something ready in time for Thomas. He said to the crowd, “Can we do it? Yes we can!” My husband and I laughed and shook our heads when we heard it.

When a presidential candidate can’t offer any more substance than Bob the Builder speaking to a bunch of preschoolers, then his campaign is doomed to fail.

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