There’s A Bear In The Woods…

While Russia talks about seeking peace with Georgia (“peace” in the traditional sense of “they won’t fight back any more”), we have reports that they are committing war crimes in the Georgian Republic. In fact, two of them are highlighted in a single story.

First up, they are violating the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners by putting them in parades and processions. That ain’t supposed to happen.

Further, we have video footage of Russian soldiers tooling around in American Humvees. Those Humvees were in Georgia for recent joint military exercises, and were packed up and on the docks in Georgia for return to the US. The Russian soldiers have stolen United States Army weapons and are now being held deep in Russian-held territory.

Last time I checked, that sort of thing is an act of war. On the grand scale of things, it’s a minor act of war, but nonetheless it demonstrates Russia’s attitude towards the US — “we’ll do what we want, and you won’t do anything about it.” That even includes seizing our weapons — which were NOT being used, but merely happened to be present at a dock.

This cannot be let to stand. Russia is showing its utter contempt for the world, announcing that it is not bound by any convention, any law, any regulation, any restraint. If they are not contradicted, then it takes no great stretch of the imagination to see where it will lead.

Poland already sees the writing on the wall — and they don’t like it one bit. The Ukraine’s president is reminded of Russia’s methods every time he looks in a mirror. England has seen, up close, what happens to those who are declared an enemy of Russia.

Who’s next? I fear it’s only a matter of time before we find out.

It seems that everything old is new again…

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