Stephanie Tubbs Jones in Critical Condition

Update: The Cleveland Clinic has announced that Congresswoman Tubbs Jones has died.

Some reports said she died, but she’s alive and in critical condition. From the Washington Post:

An already sad story on the serious medical condition of Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio) was made embarrassingly worse today by Capitol Briefing and other news outlets, as conflicting information prompted several erroneous reports that the lawmaker had died. As of this writing, she remains in critical condition in a Cleveland hospital.

Tubbs Jones was found Tuesday night unconscious at the wheel of her car after police had seen it swerving erratically on a Cleveland road. She was taken to Huron Hospital in East Cleveland for treatment. At noon today, Tubbs Jones’s office announced that she was in “stable condition” and that she had “suffered an aneurysm,” which, according to medical experts, likely means that a blood vessel in her brain burst.

The Post article links to an AP report that says she had a hemorrhage.

I feel for her family. To suffer through this so suddenly is awful. My maternal grandmother, whom I never met, died of a cerebral hemorrhage about 45 years ago when my parents were engaged. It came out of no where and devastated my mom’s family. It took them years to recover from her death. Then my aunt (my mom’s sister) suffered a cerebral hemorrhage about six years ago. According to doctors, she was one of only three percent of patients who experience very few side effects. The only reason she survived at all is because, right before he took her to the hospital, my uncle packed the back of her neck and her head in ice when he saw her lying on the floor, struggling with a headache that was so awful that she couldn’t walk, talk, or even stand.

That Congresswoman Tubbs Jones was alone in her car does not give me confidence that she’ll have a similar experience as my aunt. What a shame. I pray her family and friends receive solace and peace during this time.

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