Obama to Pick VP This Week

Barack Obama’s VP text could come at any time, really. Yes, he’s going to announce his VP pick via text message. Sorry, but that is just stupid. He’s doing this for one reason, to try to show that he’s hip, that he’s a technophile and not like the old guy McCain. Ok, so that’s three reasons.

Anyway, it’s apparently down to Biden, Kaine and Sebelius. He’d be smart to pick Biden, but his wife nixed that one, according to Sean Hannity, who says he’s got high ranking contacts in the Obama camp. Some are saying that he should not pick Sebelius because that would really piss off Hillary’s supporters. That leaves us with Tim Kaine, governor of Virginia. Boy, I hope he picks him. It would be so much fun having the two of them as a team. Obama and the Magic Eyebrow.

What am I referring to? This. (Click the image to watch)

Democrats respond
Democrats respond

Oh my gosh, it was so hard to focus on what he was saying because I was so distracted by his eyebrow. It kept going up and down over and over again.

Update: There’s a growing buzz about CNN prematurely reporting that Obama’s VP pick is Evan Bayh, but then pulling it. Shots on the House is thinking it’s a hoax, but if it were, why wouldn’t CNN come out and clarify that the story of Bayh as VP wasn’t true?


Let’s put it this way. It had better be a hoax, because the alternative explanation — that CNN figured out the pick, ran the story, and then scrubbed it to do Obama a solid — would set a new gold standard of what it means to be in the tank for Barry O.


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