North Texas School District Allows Teachers to Carry Guns in School

The Harold Indpendent School District in North Texas is the first district in the nation to allow their teachers to carry guns for protection.

My first reaction to this was it’s about time. Ever since Columbine, the instances of school shootings have continued. The Virginia Tech massacre was the catalyst for the movement for professors, RAs, and others who meet the requirements to carry guns on campus. The main reason is that when schools and universities are left defenseless because they’re designated “gun-free zones” that is an invitation for someone with serious mental issues to take out his perceived grievances on the innocent students and teachers.

Teachers have to meet these requirements to carry a gun at the school. From the AP via the Chron:

In order for teachers and staff to carry a pistol, they must have a Texas license to carry a concealed handgun; must be authorized to carry by the district; must receive training in crisis management and hostile situations and have to use ammunition that is designed to minimize the risk of ricochet in school halls. (emphasis mine)

That sounds reasonable to me. This is the superintendent’s reasoning:

Superintendent David Thweatt said the small community is a 30-minute drive from the sheriff’s office, leaving students and teachers without protection. He said the district’s lone campus sits 500 feet from heavily trafficked U.S. 287, which could make it a target.

“When the federal government started making schools gun-free zones, that’s when all of these shootings started. Why would you put it out there that a group of people can’t defend themselves? That’s like saying ‘sic ’em’ to a dog,” Thweatt said in Friday’s online edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


Be sure to read the rest of the article. Superintendent Thweatt makes other very reasonable arguments for his district taking this step.

I’m curious, how would you feel if your school system allowed teachers to carry a gun in school if they were properly trained and vetted?

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