Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity blamed for shooting of Bill Gwatney; UPDATE: Gwatney has died from his injuries

UPDATE: Bill Gwatney has died from his injuries.. My heart goes out to his family, who must be sick with grief over this senseless tragedy.

Bill Gwatney, chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, was shot today and is in critical condition. This was a horrible, terrible, cowardly attack and I hope whoever did it finds justice swiftly.

Who’s guilty? Well, if you listen to the lefties, it’s apparently conservatives. Michelle Malkin got this lovely e-mail:

Greg Cancilla artvandelay3@verizon.net
to writemalkin@gmail.com
date Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 2:42 PM
subject Once again
mailed-by verizon.net

Once again the hate you and folks like Hannity spew has caused another right wing nut to resort to violence. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26181389/ What you do is nothing less than starting a riot and you should be held accountable. You should be in jail. Your hate turns people to murder.
And of course, the
DUmmies are up in arms:

Tandalayo_Scheisskopf: There will be more. That said, it is a sad commentary that such brutal events may serve to break up the complacency and magical thinking in our own ranks.

I repeat: There will be more of these horrible events between now and November and if we win, after as well.

bluestateguy: These talk radio hosts need to be stopped. They are pushing fragile people over the edge with their hateful bile.

tridim: RW hate radio has been telling their listeners to take out Dems for years. You really don’t think that has an effect?

Blue_Tires: Liddy and plenty others during the Clinton/Reno years[.] of course, they never say “go out and kill dems” directly, but there is a phone book’s worth of loaded codewords, subtext, and calls for action that can only be interpreted one way

maxrandb: Right-wing hate gives the guy a match, a can of gasoline, and for 24/7/365 a year tells him “that building over there is the root of all evil”

Then, when the guy burns the building to the ground, they say; “I have no idea why a person would do such a thing”.

Remember, some of the first folks dealt with at Nuremberg were the propagandist.

dbonds: Right Wing Terrorist in the US have been showing their ugly heads lately. Just need eyes to see it.

kgfnally: Isn’t that exactly how it started in Rwanda, though? Hate radio?

And didn’t that guy that shot up the church recently have books by these people in his car?

Yeah, I’d say it is time, and past time, to hold the hatemongers on talk radio accountable.

AllieB: Julius Streicher (sp?) was a Nazi propagandist tried and executed after WWII. We have in the past held hatemongers accountable, and it’s time that we did it in this country.

indenturedebtor: Theres a big difference between advocating an opposite view – like “We need to cut back on green house gasses or we’re all buggered.” and advocating a course of action that results in an SUV dealership being burned. The hatemonger facists are directly advocating murder, and selling it as a patriotic duty.

Um, how is that different again from the nazi and rwanda propaganda? Please do tell. Looks about the same to me.

zonmoy: Differences with the democrats is that the democrats call for giving the republicans fair trials before executing them. republicans call for assasinating democrats and everybody else the dont like. If they give a trial they create a kangaroo court to try them and make sure they get convicted.

LiberalEsto: White man in 40s, truck[.] Reminds me of the guy that shot up the Unitarian Church in Knoxville a few weeks ago.

Is this a conspiracy?

librechick: …haven’t we all been expecting this since the church shooting? or, since Limbaugh decided to tell his people to kill us?


TrogL: then you need to start listening to AM radio[.] God knows why, one of the local stations up here carries Rush Limbaugh in all his glory. Somebody in my workplace had it on all day until I filed a sexual harassment complaint (cause of all the homophobic crap) and had it shut down. In the meantime I had to listen to Rush babble away. In his “joking” way, he often recommends violence against all sorts of people, especially liberals and members of the Democratic party.

peace13: I think about it every Tuesday when I stand at the peace vigil. When people bring little children to stand with us I am always on the lookout. If one of Rush’s nut cases comes a calling I want to be able to shield the little guys. Only in america can entertainers encourage carnage and get paid for it.

I could keep going, but you can only wade through sewage for so long before you get sick of the stench. DailyKos had similar reactions.

There aren’t many details yet, but the rumor is apparently that the shooter worked at Gwatney Chevrolet and was laid off.

Moments before the Democratic headquarters shooting, a man with a gun had threatened an employee at that Arkansas State Baptist Convention headquarters seven blocks east.

Dan Jordan, the denomination’s business manager, said a man pointed a gun at the convention’s business manager but he didn’t know if it was the same suspect. Jordan said that, when the man pointed the gun at the manager, the manager asked him what was wrong. The man said “I lost my job,” according to Jordan.
But I guess a sensible motive is just not as much fun for the crazy lefties as feeding into their paranoid delusions. The gunman is dead, so I guess we can never know for sure what his motives were. But that doesn’t keep the moonbats from getting all excited about this. This is probably the best news story the DUmmies have come across all month. They love this stuff! They hope and pray for tragedies like this to happen, because in the rare occasions that they do, they get to wallow in their paranoia, play victim, and feel persecuted (just look at the DUmmie talking about his peace vigil). All they need is the information that it was a white guy who drove a pick-up truck, and BOOM!, it’s a right-wing nutjob who loves Limbaugh, Hannity, and Michelle and is just carrying out orders from his idols.

These wackjobs don’t care one tiny iota that a family has just lost a father and a husband. They aren’t expressing sympathy, sadness, grief, or anything besides pure hatred for those who have the guts to express points of view that they don’t like. They aren’t wishing the family well during this difficult time or hoping for a speedy recovery for Gwatney. Oh, no. They’re too busy getting their panties in a wad entertaining their delusions to bother feeling sympathy or horror over this tragedy.

And yet they say we’re the ones who intimidate people, who are trying to stifle free speech. Well, it isn’t right wingers sending out intimidation letters to those who choose to donate money to Democrats. It isn’t right wingers blaming the opposition every time some kind of tragedy befalls someone on our side. It isn’t right wingers trying to silence liberals and Democrats. It isn’t right wingers accusing liberals and Democrats of murder just for expressing opinions that we don’t like. And it isn’t right wingers gloating and celebrating every time a prominent Democrat or liberal dies or becomes sick. No, these are all trademarks of today’s liberals, and it’s disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. When concern for your own takes a backseat to hate for the other, it’s time to admit you have a serious problem. ASAP.

For what it’s worth, I think this is an absolutely terrible tragedy, and my thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Gwatney’s family and friends during this difficult time. And as for Mr. Gwatney himself, I hope he heals quickly and thoroughly and is able to bounce back right away.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

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