True Crime?

I’ve gotten two articles out of the scumbag Tom Matzzie and his “Accountable America,” and I’m pretty proud of them. In them, I identified several areas where I believed that it was very likely that Mr. Matzzie and his associates (if he has any, and I have my doubts) at AA were running the risk of breaking several laws with their little scare letter.

Well, I’m not a lawyer. But other people are. Other people know the letter of the law far, far better than I do. And they’ve found a few laws that they think apply quite clearly to AA’s actions.

Laws such as the “Ku Klux Klan” law.

That one tickles me a bit, to steal the words of the inimitable Captain Reynolds. Throughout nearly its entire existence, especially during the heights of its power, the Ku Klux Klan stood solidly with the Democratic party. Now to see a law crafted specifically to go after their brand of thuggery — which is not that different from what Mr. Matzzie is doing today.

As I noted before, Mr. Matzzie has a rather extensive history in democratic and progressive circles. Very few of his ideological comrades are talking very much about what he’s up to currently, either to defend him or distance themselves from him.

That’s fine with me. There’s nothing that compels them to speak up on every — well, I hate to repeat myself, but “pig-fucker” fits him so thoroughly — that comes down the pike who happens to share some of their agenda.

But the really telling thing will be to follow Mr. Matzzie’s future endeavors. As he’s shown in the past, he bounces from group to group, cause to cause. I suspect this “Accountable America” group will fold up in less than six months, and he’ll find some new groups.

Those groups will bear watching, and no one should ever let them bury what Mr. Matzzie is doing today.

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