The truth about Big Oil™ and John McCain

Finally, Inflate ‘Em All proves that McSame is in the pocket of Big Oil™!

Well, not really.

It bears repeating, as we’ve reminded readers before, that oil companies themselves don’t make donations. It’s illegal under federal law for corporations to donate directly to candidates and has been since 1918. The ad refers to donations from executives and employees of oil companies, given either directly or through company-sponsored political action committees, or PACs.

Both candidates accept donations from individual employees of oil companies. In fact, when Obama claimed in an ad last March that "I don’t take money from oil companies," we criticized him for being a little too slick. The CRP puts Obama’s total from oil and gas donors at $394,465.

Based on CRP’s figures, McCain’s oil and gas donations account for just 0.9 cents out of every $100 he’s raised. Obama’s oil and gas total comes to 0.1 cents per $100. That’s a significant difference between the two candidates, and it’s clear that the industry is favoring McCain with its donations. Whether that puts him "in the pocket" of the industry is a judgment we’ll leave to our readers.

Oh, and Team Obama might wanna think through that Windfall Profits Tax™ — they don’t work out so well.

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