Obama: America sucks, unless you elect me President

Isn’t that just the message you want him telling your seven-year-old when she asks him why he wants to be President? In Elkhart, Indiana, that’s the question that was posed to Barack Obama. And here’s what he answered:


America, uh, is… is no longer… uh… what it, it could be, what it once was. And I say to myself, I don’t want that future for my children.

It amazes me still that someone who as accomplished as much as Barack Obama has could look at the country that made it possible and see something so bleak. Is America perfect? No, and no one says that it is. However, America is still the freest, most generous country in the world. It is the last, best hope for mankind. And it is a country where you can accomplish anything, if you’re willing to work hard enough and have the determination and resilience to overcome the obstacles that will be in your path. Has racism and sexism been eradicated? No, and to be completely honest, it probably never will be. There are always going to be sexist and racist jerks, no matter where you live. The majority of Americans, however, are tolerant, open-minded people who accept people from all walks of life if they are good and decent people. America has fought and sacrificed for the freedom of mankind, most notably in the last century. We’ve saved the world, literally, twice from the forces of evil in World Wars One and Two. We’ve overturned dictators and brought down genocidal maniacs.

Yet none of this matters to Obama. Why? Why is it that the man who runs on a message of “hope” preaching such a message of despair?

It’s because he is supposed to be your hope. He is supposed to be your savior. You aren’t supposed to look around at your country and feel pride; you’re supposed to feel shame and despair so that you can follow Obama to the promised land. America sucks, unless we elect Obama President. America is racist, unless you elect Obama President. America is mean, unless we elect Obama President.

Is this really what we need in the White House? A man who sees himself as our personal saviour, who looks at his country and can see only negative? It certainly isn’t what I would want. Loving your country means being willing to admit our failures, but it also means feeling pride in our successes. Yet, with Obama, it’s all failure… and no success.

Hat Tip: Hot Air

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