Joke ‘Em If They Can’t Take A…

Well, it appears that the John McCain campaign — among others — have discovered Barack Obama’s secret weakness, his Achilles heel, his kryptonite. And it’s one I’ve discussed before:

The man seems to have no sense of humor.

As trivial as that sounds, it holds a great deal of weight with the American people. And, I believe, it is a key element of character, and indicates a great deal about a person.

And Obama doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor.

That is finally being seen as the weakness it is. His opponents have begun to realize that the best way to highlight Obama’s weaknesses is through gentle humor, chiding, playful mockery. Not hard, in-your-face slams, but the affable teasing that we have grown accustomed to as a society.

Last night, John Stansbury posted here the “Obamassiah” video put together by Fox News, featuring photos and videos of Obama played with Gerard Baker reading his brilliant satirical biography of Obama.

As I said, the McCain camp seems to be getting it, too. They put together an ad highlighting Obama’s… um… tendencies:

But beating them both to the punch was Mary Katharine Ham, once a part of the Wizbang family, for her final HamNation:

(I LOVE the little falsetto “Obama!” cry. I find myself wanting to use it all the time.)

On the other hand, here’s a guy who’s not afraid to laugh at himself:

Americans like to laugh. If we can’t laugh with our politicians, we’ll laugh at them.

The former will get our votes. The latter, not so much.

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