It’s… Alive!

Well, Frankenputer is up and running, and almost all the hardware is working. I expect it’ll take at least most of tomorrow to get all my files and software and whatnot back and configured, but I’m actually seeing a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

Whether or not that’s the exit or an oncoming train has yet to be fully determined, but I’m hoping.

It turns out I probably didn’t need to get a new hard drive after all, but what the hell. It was cheap, I had the space in the full tower, I had the cable and connection point, and who couldn’t use another 160 GB of space?

(So says the guy who currently has 2 80GB hard drives, a 100-GB, a 120-GB, a 300-GB, a 320GB, and a 750GB kicking around…. that’s the danger of getting a full tower. You see all those empty slots and you just want to fill them up with things.)

It ain’t been fun, but I look forward to resuming my blogging in my comfy chair, feet up on the footrest, with two monitors and my ergonomic keyboard. This sitting on the couch with a cheapo boxy keyboard is getting old, and made me break out my wrist brace again.

Thanks for all the good wishes, but no, I ain’t getting a Mac. I like that I built my own computer, and can upgrade whatever I want, whenever I want, a piece at a time. Over the years, I’ve replaced every single component of Frankenputer (including the floppy drive) one piece at a time, as needed or desired, and I’ve had great fun doing it. Yes, even the CPU and motherboard. (It started life as a Celeron 500, and is now an Athlon XP2000+.) It’s like the “Lincoln’s Axe” family heirloom — “we’ve replaced the handle four times and the head twice, but it’s still Lincoln’s axe!”

Regular blogging (well, as “regular” as my blogging ever gets) should resume within a couple of days.

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