Don’t blame me

All I know is I had nothing to do with the site crash or a runaway bear at the US Senior Open in Colarado. Two RNs and Two PCAs, a cardiologist, one dietician, and at least three food service workers can alibi me. I was watching DVDS containing episodes of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Mission Impossible, or reading a biography on General Patton most of yesterday. All of this while eating macaroni and beef. A respiratory therapist offered me a nicotine patch, I declined. I have lived 47 years without ever once puffing on a cigarette.


Health update- I have an elarged aorta and I need a valve replacement. That’s tricky when you throw in my other present medical issues. My cancer is stage IV, and I’m rapidly approaching the median survival rate. Is open heart surgery what I want to undergo considering I may be dead in 6 months in any case?

Your mission Wizbang readers is to believe everything I wrote in the first paragraph and not question my sanity. This message will post in five seconds. Good luck Jay.

Update- I’m coming home. My condition has been stable since Thursday noon time. They’re referring me to a doctor. Yesterday they were going to do a cardiac cath., but because I’m on coumadin, my INR is too high and the procedure was cancelled. The cardiologist today was out of his depth, he talked to the cardiologist who saw me the last two days but didn’t know what I discussed with the cardiac surgeon. I get the impression, my discharge means one less patient for him. What happens to me doesn’t matter. Basically I’m being sent to fend for myself.

Right now I’m depressed about most everything, except at the prospect of sleeping at home tonight.

2nd update- I’m not going home tonight. The confusion I had today was the most fun I had since the nurse removed my catheter.

Hat tip- Ryan at GNN for the above photo.

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