If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Say Nothing At All

I think it’s time to declare a moratorium on any and all coverage of Michelle Obama and her children. We need to pretend they don’t exist.

Several weeks ago, Senator Obama (that would be Michelle’s husband and the father of those kids in question) announced that, after a special report on some entertainment TV show, his kids would’t be the subject of any more press coverage. And more recently, he challenged people who were “attacking” his wife, daring them to focus on him instead.

Well, that seems a reasonable request. He’s the candidate, not them. We should leave them alone.

It’s not easy, though. I was at the supermarket recently, and the cover story on People was “At Home With The Obamas.” Featured were all four of them — Barack, Michelle, and both girls.

Michelle Obama gave a campaign speech this week, in Chicago, trying to rally women in support of her husband.

I just read an account of that speech, and that is simply unacceptable. Senator Obama has declared that we can not criticize his wife, and that seems fair enough. He also doesn’t want people talking about his kids. Again, a fair request.

But he’s gotta meet us halfway. If he doesn’t want them discussed, then they need to not seek out (or be thrust into) the limelight. He needs to stop sitting down and posing with them for People magazine, Michelle needs to stop making speeches, and she probably should stop giving interviews with MomLogic (whose vapid twits, Jennifer Gunderson and Rachel Fox, need to realize that I am NOT a mother and stop sending me their drivel).

I have a very firm policy about the relatives of politicians: I don’t talk about them, discuss them, criticize them, or tolerate the same UNLESS and UNTIL they choose to make themselves part of the political process. And even then, I won’t discuss them unless they are legal adults. Minor children are off limits. And as long as I have any authority here at Wizbang, that will be the official policy of the site.

But Senator Obama doesn’t get to decide that we can only offer fawning coverage of his wife. If she wants to avoid political coverage, then she can very easily avoid the limelight. But if she wants to give speeches and talk about how great her husband is, then we can just as freely talk about how we disagree with her — and critique what she says and does.

You’re running for president, Senator, not Pope or Messiah or God-Emperor. President of a democracy, that holds great reverence for the right of free speech.

Deal with it.

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