MomLogic’s Michelle Obama Infatuation

I’ve been doing a lot of mom blogging recently because, with three little kids 5 years old and younger, that’s where my head is right now. However, I don’t want to be too far away from politics because something is bound to happen that will either spark my interest or burn my butt.

Well, just today, I got an email from Jennifer Gunderson of MomLogic, an online magazine for moms that promotes itself this way: is an online magazine “for thinking moms who don’t have time to think.” In addition to posting topical, entertaining and relevant stories, the site features breaking news and how it affects the lives of mothers and their families in an ever-changing world. is produced by Telepictures Productions, an industry-leading producer of syndicated programming and winner of 54 Daytime Emmy Awards.

Jennifer was promoting MomLogic’s 20 question interview with Michelle Obama. The promotional introduction went this way:

Michelle Obama, the Women (sic) Who Might be First Lady, One-On-One About Her Marriage, Parenting, Being A Fashion ICON and What’s On Her iPOD asked the potential First Lady 20 questions & the 44-year-old mother of two tells all!

I was immediately overwhelmed by all the sugary, sweet “isn’t Michelle Obama just so wonderfully wonderful!” pap that I got a sugar high from just reading the intro.

It was then that I decided to reply to Jennifer and ask when MomLogic was going to do a similar interview with Cynthia McCain. I wrote this:


Now that you’ve completely fawned all over the “potential first lady” Michelle Obama, when will you be giving the same kind of attention to the “potential first lady” Cindy McCain? I suspect not anytime in the near future. Your infatuation with all things Obama is pretty sickening.

Kim Priestap
Up North Mommy

I know my email was a bit snide, but my head was still reeling from the syrupy “we love the Obamas” overload and I was getting a bad reaction.

A little while later, I got a response:

An invitation was extended to both women. If and when Cindy McCain decides to participate in an interview, hers will receive the same amount of attention on our site.

Before I responded to Jennifer’s response to me I wanted to do a little research to see how MomLogic treated each candidates’ wife. Probably the best way to do this is to do a search on each woman to see what kinds of articles MomLogic has published about them. So I went to MomLogic’s site and did a search on Michelle Obama and Cynthia McCain.

A search of the words Michelle Obama got these results. Impressive. Link upon link upon link of photos and articles.

A search of Cynthia McCain got these results. As you’ll see when you click over there are only two results, one of which isn’t even about Cynthia McCain.

So I searched again, this time with just the name McCain, and this is what I got. Note the very first result. Nice.

Just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything I then searched the words Cindy McCain. There was a link to an article about her oatmeal butterscotch cookies as well as other articles in which Mrs. McCain was mentioned but only in passing or in negative terms.

It was quite obvious from just the results from the searches how the editors of MomLogic feel about the candidates’ wives, which gives us an indication of how they feel about the candidates themselves.

So I sent another response to Jennifer after having done my searches. This is what I wrote:

I wonder if she’d even be interested. I went to your site and searched for articles about Michelle Obama. The results were link after link after link of photos of, posts by, and articles about Michelle Obama.

When I searched for articles about Cynthia McCain, I got two results back, one of which wasn’t even about Mrs. McCain. When I did another search using only the name McCain, what was the result at the top of the list and stood out like neon? Some article about John McCain calling his wife the “C” word. What the hell is that?

Kim Priestap
Up North Mommy

I’m still waiting on a response, but something tells me I won’t get one.

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