Can We Keep Obama’s Promise For Him? Yes, We Can!

Back in 2006, Senator Obama made a trip to his father’s homeland in Kenya. In his father’s village, he pledged to support a school, which was promptly renamed in his honor.

In the two years since, though, he hasn’t exactly fallen all over himself to keep that promise.

Blogger Juliette “Baldilocks” Ochieng has a bit of a reason for following this story — her father, too, was from Kenya. The same tribe as Obama’s, in fact. And she has decided that it’s her responsibility to honor her “cousin’s” pledge, since he can’t be bothered.

Baldilocks announced it here, and has offered updates here and here.

I’m in a serious financial jam at the moment, but I think I can scrape together a few bucks to help out the Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School. I’ll be sending off some money via PayPal as soon as I can.

Hey, how often can you help a bunch of kids in Africa AND tweak the nose of a presidential candidate over his broken promises? That’s gotta be worth a couple of bucks right there…

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