You mean they pay these people to be so dumb

Last weekend the LPGA Tour was in France for one of its tournaments. After three rounds, Candie Kung was one shot out of the lead.

At a press conference, a member of the media had the following exchange with the Taiwanese born golfer.

Q. Is it true that you learned how to play in the states not in Korea?
CANDIE KUNG: First of all, Im not from Korea. Im from Taiwan.

Yes, I didnt play golf when I was in Taiwan. I picked up golf when we moved to the U.S.

Candie came to live in the US back in the mid nineties. Later on at the press conference, Candie mentioned she is a now naturalized US citizen.

If that stupid exchange was bad enough, the same member of the media, or someone trying to best the idiot above, had this exchange with Angela Park.

Q. You have the double nationality, Korea and Brazil. Have you asked for American nationality as well?

ANGELA PARK: I actually have a double nationality for America and Brazil. Not Korean. My parents are Korean, but I have double nationality for Brazil and America.

The list of media sources telling about Park’s nationality is very long. A website here, which broadcaster Dottie Pepper admits to using, or here is a recent column talking about Park becoming a US citizen. What were this person or persons thinking when then they asked these dumb questions?

I’ve been credentialed twice to cover LPGA tournaments. In the press area, there are many information sources available to reporters covering the tournament. The media guidebook for one, it has bios on all LPGA players and tournament results. There is a sheet of paper there that lists all the foreign born golfers on tour also. If one doesn’t want to leaf through the guide book or other printed sources of info, there is the LPGA website which contains bios on all the tour’s active players. There are also volunteers and at least one employee of the LPGA in the media room to help with press inquiries. At the Stanford tournament last April, the LPGA official was Allison Cushman. Allison was always very helpful when I had some question to ask.

Frankly a person has to be incredibly thick headed or just plain lazy not to be able to check up on the golfers playing in a tournament. Koreans are the largest foreign contingent of players on tour, but not the only Asian country. Also there are around a half dozen players of Korean heritage, who aren’t from South Korea. Most of these players were born in the US, or in Angela’s case Brazil.

What is worse, that there are dummies out every week covering this pro sport or media organizations willing to pay for these fools?

Update- Fixed post by putting in the missing links, after having this omission pointed out to me by commenter Tomblogical. Thanks.

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