You can’t fool me

I’ve been contributing at Wizbang for seven months. When I post I never expect everyone to agree with me, and I don’t take exception to people who disagree as long as they don’t get personal with me. There have been a few times this has happeneed, but I kept my counsel. Once someone told me it won’t get you anywhere arguing with crazy people. Crazy being the term I use for someone who can’t make a contrarian argument to mine without making it into a personal attack. I could use stronger words than crazy to be honest.

I’m going to ignore that advice in the case of one Wizbang commenter. His or her name varies, they’ve gone by BETWyan, Bruce, KM, and TcP. That’s just in the comments section of one post I made yesterday. How do I know it’s the same person? One giveaway is their IP#.

Why am I more than a little peeved at this commenter? I’ll quote a comment from Betwyan yesterday afternoon. It was in reference to my blog post about the Thai born wife of a deceased US sailor who is facing deportation under the Widow penalty.

“The Mark Krikorian mindset, which wants to clamp down on legal immigrants or turns a blind eye to their punishment, I have never understood. We don’t need legal immigrants? The US is facing a shortage of 800,000 nurses in a little over 10 years.”

Because my dear Jempty, some of us place the national interest before “having an Asian sex-slave wife”.

BETwyn’s invective towards Asian people gets toned down a few notches or dissipates in subsequent comments but doesn’t disappear entirely. I’ll quote from this comment made by TcP this afternoon.

As Mark Krikorian correctly points out in his new book “The New Case Against Immigration”, there really is little point to distinguishing between legal and illegal immigration as long as we don’t really enforce immigration law (which we haven’t for a good 15 years or so).

The top-down, macro view of immigration says two things are happening: 1) cheap labor for firms – often (but not always), illegal, black market labor and 2) social engineering (changing the demographic population of the USA, through the importation of immigrants, since most immigrants (legal and illegal) are not caucasian, the historic majority of the country). It reminds one of the 19th century German leader Bismark, who once quipped something like, “if the people fail to vote the way we (ruling elite) want, we’ll elect a new population”. “New Americans” are being imported everyday, some 2500 per day, each day, across the southern border. Then there are the legal immigrants, the “guest workers” (H-1Bs), the foreign students, etc. who seldom if every actually go back home. They stay, they sponsor their relatives and our population of Latinos, Asians and Muslims grow faster and faster, replacing traditional America.

What is traditional America? This country has been multi-racial since the first white man stepped foot on what is now US soil. American Indians having crossed to the US from Asia, whether it was by an ice bridge across the straits between Alaska and Russia, or if they crossed the Pacific by boat. People from Asia have been on this continent far longer than this commenters relatives. What is traditional American in this person’s eyes? Just white Anglo-Saxons?

Being married to an Asian woman, I take serious exception to this person’s Asian sex slave comment. If whoever this person is, Bruce, Kimberly Murphy aka KM(Besides his bigotry, does this person have some gender issues or do they just like pretending to be a woman on the internet? I have no problem with the former, the later I could under certain circumstances.), TcP, or BETwyn was make that comment to my face in reference to my wife, they’d be laying on the floor in a matter of seconds. It’s well known around this blog, my wife Leonita is Asian and born in the Philippines and that we met while I served in the Navy, I’ve said it countless times. So when this person calls Nok Kells, the wife of a American sailor a Asian sex slave, I take it as a personal attack on me also. For I can be compared to Robert Kells, Nok’s husband.

It’s posts from people like this, or a column written by Pat Buchanan last year, that give me some justifiication in saying the legal immigration restrictionists are thinly or not so thinly veiled racists.

Update- TcP has posted his beliefs again-

Because my know-nothing young lad, race/ethnicity matters. Just ask the Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, English, French….shall I continue?

The American people, overwhelmingly, want the USA to remain majority caucasian, Judeo-Christian nation. Deal with it. Call it whatever your nancy-boy college professors call it. That’s one reason why close to 90% of the public wants English to be the official langauge of the country. If that hurts your “sensitive feelings”, grow up and deal with it.

Caucasians, with Judeo-Christian and British traditions created and built this country. Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Mexicans, Brazilians, Russians would very likely not have created the same nation. Why? Because race and ethnicity matter. In simpler terms, people are different.

Enough said. White people are superior to any other group of people. I think we know where this commenter is coming from.

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