So Always Look For The Union Scumbags

Well, if it’s an election year, then it’s time to once again reflect on the state of organized labor as it once again assumes the role of John to the Democratic whores. They wave their money and wring all sorts of empty promises and proclamations of true love, of the sheer virility and irresistibility and skillfulness from the prostitute, but in the end all they get is screwed.

This time around, the unions are lining up behind Senator Barack Obama. And he seems quite willing to take their money and mouth all the right platitudes. But it isn’t really fair to single him out for this — as happens every election cycle, the entire Democratic establishment is bending over and hiking their skirts (once the checks clear).

So, what kind of a bang are the unions getting for their buck this time around? Well, Senator Obama has made it clear that one of his first actions as president will be to rescind the consent decree that has been the government’s main tool in rooting out organized crime’s tentacles into that organization. One of the key provisions of the decree was requiring that union officials be directly elected by the membership, a reform that the union had literally spent decades fighting. Any takers on how long that will last once the decree is lifted?

Well, if we need any evidence about how unions feel about free and fair elections, we need look no farther than the bill in Congress right now that will abolish the secret ballot for workers deciding whether to unionize. Go look up the obscenely Orwellian named “Employee Free Choice Act,” which will give employees the “choice” to avoid the whole icky “secret ballot” thingie and instead “choose” whether or not to join a union by instead signing — or refusing to sign — a union card in the presence of union-paid “organizers.” Boy, it’s a good thing them unions don’t have a record of using intimidation and coercion and threats of force to get their way, isn’t it?

Finally, a little while ago I took a look at the leading 527 groups who are pumping big bucks into this election. The biggest spender thus far — by a ratio of about 9 to 2 over the second-place group — is the Service Employees International Union. They’ve pumped almost $21 MILLION dollars into the race.

So, where does this union get all of its money? Where else? By shaking down its members, and — surprise, surprise! — they apparently don’t let such niceties as the law or member preferences get in the way. They recently passed a new requirement for their local chapters: in addition to their dues, they have to pony up $6.00 per member not to the union, but to its political action committee. Locals that don’t cough up the dough will have to make up any shortages out of their general funds, plus a 50% penalty.

I’m no lawyer, but it’s my understanding that contributions to political action committees are supposed to be entirely voluntary. I seem to recall certain scandals ivnolving large corporations “encouraging” its employees to give to their pet causes. But it seems that if you’re a union, you can just order its members to open their wallets and fund the union’s pet causes.

Gosh, I feel so warm and fuzzy and trusting. This must be the “hope and change” I keep hearing about.

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