Which One Is The Joke?

Hey, MoveOn has put out another ad, and they’ve done the impossible. I didn’t think they could outdo their previous ad for sheer stupidity, but they did it:

I didn’t laugh too much, though. Instead, I found myself racking my brain. I’d SEEN that ad before, or at least one very, very much like it. And finally it clicked in my mind:

But wait, it gets funnier. This ad was only one of a whole bunch of entries at MoveOn, and it won the “funniest.”

I’d be willing to bet that they didn’t have a “most original” ad. Or, at least, didn’t have a winner.

If I’m wrong on that one, though, that’d be the funniest thing about it of all. Trumping even the irony of “MoveOn” still going strong after all these years. They got their start telling everyone we needed to “MoveOn” from the Clinton impeachment.

It's... Horrible!
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