Weird Science

Two odd stories from the world of science caught my attention recently, and got me to thinking about non-political stuff.

First up, courtesy of Scott of, we have news from Chernobyl. It seems that some plants in and around the site of the world’s greatest nuclear disaster have adapted to not only survive, but thrive in what we all thought would be utterly inhospitable to life.

I am reminded of what Michael Chrichton wrote in one of his “Jurassic Park” novels. “Life will find a way.”

Ever since the beginning of the atomic age, we have terrified ourselves with scary stories about how we will destroy the earth, blow up the earth, end all life on earth. Nowadays, it’s the environmentalists doing the preaching but the basic message is the same.

Good god, how vain are we. We actually think we could obliterate all life on earth. Hell, a giant asteroid tired that, and all it did was clear the slate of the dinosaurs and make room for the mammals to take over.

Yes, we can make a real mess of the planet, if we put our minds to it. Or even if we just don’t pay attention to what we’re doing. But we ain’t God. We would have to put a huge amount of effort to destroying all life on the planet, or destroying the planet entirely — and even then we’d most likely fail.

On a lighter side, there’s this story, lifted from Hot Air Headlines. Ever wondered just what it means when someone says something is “lower than whale shit?” Here’s your answer.

Oh, and yeah, if you’ve ever wondered if whales fart, there’s your answer, too.

It’ll take a braver person than I to tell you just how foul a whale fart smells. I’ll pass, thanks.

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