We Will Get By, We Will Survive

I’ve been having a great bit of fun of late with Senator Obama, pointing out the various and sundry ways that he constantly reaffirms that he would, in my opinion, be a lousy president. We still have about 100 days until the election, and I fully expect to write many more pieces where I highlight Mr. Obama’s words and deeds that reinforce that opinion.

As a general rule, I don’t pay any attention to opinion polls. Every now and then, though, I’ll keep an ear out for general trends, and what little attention I have been giving them (very, very scant) indicates that there’s roughly a 50-50 chance that Obama will win the presidency come November.

And that’ll be OK.

No, I’m not reversing my opinion. I still think that Obama would be a terrible president. (Although to be fair, I’m not convinced that McCain would be a great deal better. Hell, neither man made my top three, and at one point I’d co-ranked them at my third tier of preferences.) But I’ve been backing up a bit, getting a sense of perspective, taking the long view of things, and I really don’t think that Obama will cause horrific, irreparable, catastrophic harm to our nation.

Quite frankly, I don’t think he’s capable of that.

I’m forty years old. I’ve lived through eight presidencies. (To be fair, I don’t personally recall very much about the first two.) For the first third of my life, we had three of the worst presidents (by most standards) in history, and we came out of it OK. Obama seems to share a great deal with the worst aspects of Johnson and Carter, and they were pretty awful.

But we survived.

Yes, things were pretty grim for a while, but they got better. Hell, they got better than they were before.

On a personal note, I’d probably do better as a blogger with an Obama victory. Blogging of the sort I do thrives on conflict, complaining, outrage, and disagreeing with the status quo. An Obama administration, I am confident in saying, would give me a veritable cornucopia of material to complain about.

And even more fun, Obama — as I noted before — really comes across as a humorless prat. There is nothing funnier than someone who thinks nothing is funny.

So yeah, I’m going to continue to criticize Obama. I’ll also criticize McCain when he does something that offends my sensibilities sufficiently, and I’ll praise and defend them when the circumstances call for it and the mood strikes me.

But kindly include me out from the hysterical mobs who are convinced that Obama is the antiChrist, the bringer of the apocalypse, the worst human being imaginable to be entrusted with the Oval Office.

He just ain’t that good, folks.

And America just ain’t that fragile.

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