Obama to America: “Be Like Republicans!”

Over the past few weeks, Senator Obama has been making a lot of statements about his vision for America, and the kinds of things we Americans should be doing to make our future better. And I’ve been listening to him, and he makes a lot of sense.

For example, he says that we need to do is reduce our personal energy consumption. We need to cut back on the energy we use, move towards more environmentally-friendly habits — and habitats.

Much like, say, President Bush.

Or, as he said a little while ago, Americans should learn other languages besides English. Actually, what he specifically said was that parents should make sure their children speak Spanish.

Like, again, President Bush, who speaks Spanish. (One hopes he’s more articulate in Spanish than he is in English, but I doubt it.)

And unlike Senator Obama, who recently dazzled adoring crowds in Germany and France while managing to neither sprechen Deutsch or parlez Francais. Or even habla-ing Espanol, for that matter.

Finally (and this is the one that got me thinking about it), while in Berlin, he asked — rhetorically — “will we lift the child in Bangladesh from poverty?” Well, whether or not he will, we know one person who didn’t take that as rhetorical.

Or, at least, it wasn’t rhetorical seventeen years ago, when Cindy McCain was visiting Mother Theresa in Bangladesh and an orphaned girl was shoved into Mrs. McCain’s arms. She brought the girl back to the United States, she and her husband John (you might have heard of him recently) adopted that girl. She’s now Bridget McCain.

Mrs. McCain brought back a second baby, and that infant was adopted by one of McCain’s aides.

As has been noted numerous times, Obama gives a hell of a speech, and is a great talker.

If he could only walk the walk as well as he talks the talk.

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