Watcha Gonna Do?

As this fall approaches as the nation’s spirit embraces the hope that finally, perhaps, we will be done with the incessant campaigning for a while and can get on with our lives, the question comes up about what will happen if, well, what if the other guy wins?

During the primaries, we saw something of that effect. Many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters were outraged at the idea that anyone else would become the nominee for the party, but as it became clear that Barack Obama would take the flag, many democrats slowly came around to his support, though some of them as yet still passive and reluctant. For conservatives, of course, the matter was simply settled, though not without pain; the 2008 campaign offered no real conservative candidate at all for President – conservatives became outcasts in republican primaires and the national convention. Conservatives soon discovered that their choice amounted to no more than who would do the least damage to the nation this election year. Some are still bitter about this disparagement, but most have come to a grudging acceptance that John McCain would not be as bad for America as would be Barack Obama.

But this fall, one of the two nominees will become president-elect of the United States, while the other will return to his normal role of noisy, self-centered Senator. And tens of millions of people who voted for the candidate who did not win, will have to decide what their response to the winning candidate will be. Some certain celebrities have threatened – to little worry – that they will move out of the country if their candidate does not win. Others have vowed to become fierce opponents of the opposing candidate if he wins the election, fighting the election results, then obstructing his efforts to govern. Like the celebrities’ threat, there is little chance such actions will actually happen, but the threat has been made and so should be reported.

So, to today’s discussion – if the ‘other’ candidate is elected President, what will you say and do in response?

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