A Man For All Seasons

One of the repeated slams on Senator Barack Obama is that he “flip-flops.” That he changes his positions as the wind blows, that he reverses himself on key issues depending on the group whose favor he is courting.

I’ve been thinking about that, and I think that that is unfair. Obama doesn’t flip-flop. He doesn’t keep reversing himself.

No, Obama is greater than that. He is above that. He transcends the limitations that burden us ordinary mortals.

Obama doesn’t change his positions. He embraces them all, even the contradictory ones. He is capable of simultaneously embracing all sides of a position, proving himself truly The Great Uniter.

Let’s say you are a strong advocate of gun control. You think that the government not only has the right to ban handguns, but the duty. Well, Obama agrees with you.

Alternately, you think that the government has no authority to do ban handguns, that the 2nd Amendment is crystal-clear on the matter and the state has no business saying that no one can possess handguns. Well, Obama is with you, too.

Or let’s look at General Petraeus’ “surge” strategy in Iraq. If you agree that the “surge” achieved great things, that it did exactly what it promised and provided what was needed in Iraq, that it was a stunning success, then Senator Obama is with you.

Or if you think that it was a bad idea, doomed from the start, and should never have been attempted, Senator Obama stands with you.

If you’re deeply troubled by the economic costs of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, then Obama has your back. He said, repeatedly, that it should be re-negotiated, at the least.

But if you think that overall, NAFTA has been good for the American economy, and we shouldn’t mess with it unless we’re very careful, that’s good — Senator Obama is on your side.

In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, do your sympathies lie with the Palestinians? Why, then, you should support Senator Obama, who supports the Palestinians’ demand for at least a portion of Jerusalem as a capitol and a “contiguous” Palestinian state.

If you find yourself siding with the Israelis, then Obama’s your man, because he supports an “undivided” Jerusalem, under Israeli control.

That’s just four examples of Senator Obama’s greatness. Holding such contradictory positions is far beyond the capabilities of ordinary mortals. But Senator Obama is far, far above such limitations.

Forget electing the guy president. Can’t we coronate or canonize this — as Chris Matthews so aptly put it — “gift from the world?”

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