When you’re spitting on soldiers and saying we should hang the President, THEN can we question your patriotism?

UCSB College Republican Chairman Ross Nolan recently attended a left-wing protest and videotaped the entire thing. Of course, there was much America-loving going on there, right alongside the wonderful displays of intelligence, logic, reason, respect for differing opinions, and gratitude for our military. Because, you know, liberals are just so patriotic. They love their country, and as they constantly remind us, dissent and protest is patriotism.

Somehow, though, most Americans who don’t hate their country just don’t believe it.

But we aren’t allowed to question their patriotism, not ever. Not when they fly American flags upside down, an obvious symbol of disrespect. Not when they say that our President should be hung, is worse than Saddam Hussein, and deserves the same fate as the murderous dictator. Not when they call our military murderers and rapists. Not when they spit on soldiers and war veterans. Not when they call our generals traitors and war criminals. Not when they say our country is in “the Dark Ages”. Not. Ever.

It’s funny though, because as patriotic as they claim to be, I just didn’t see a lot of love and appreciation for America in this video:

The best part about that video is that it is so incredibly mock-worthy. These liberals are like walking punchlines! A good number of them are dirty and unkempt. You’ve got the angry protestors, the dreamy protestors off somewhere in La-La Land (like the Close Gitmo chick in the beginning), the military protestors, the dance-to-the-beat-of-your-own-drum protestors… the very stereotype that most Americans have of clueless hippie liberals. And no matter how inflammatory, insulting, and offensive they may be, no matter how radical and disturbing their views are, they still angrily claim that you aren’t allowed to question their patriotism.

Well, too bad. I’m questioning, baby. I’m a patriotism-questioning machine.

Also interesting is how often these morons like to throw out the word FASCISM!!! and pretend we’re actually living in a fascist state (as if they could even spell the word fascism, much less understand the meaning of it). Of course, if we actually were living in a fascist state, they wouldn’t be having their cute little protests and calling for the President to be hanged. If we actually lived in a fascist state, they’d have been taken out back and shot by now at worst, and at best thrown into a gulag. If they want to see what a fascist state really looks like, maybe they should take a long trip to Cuba or North Korea. Maybe then they’ll appreciate their country more.

But don’t count on it.

Hat Tip: Wolking’s World

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