Technical Difficulties

This morning, in my piece on Barack Obama’s rather… unique… interpretation of the Constitution, I made considerably more than my fair share of typos.

I offer no excuses, but I do have an explanation.

Just before I left for vacation, my main computer (Frankenputer) fried itself. I haven’t been able to get it back up and running. In the meantime, I’m using my laptop (The Electric Mayhem) for blogging and whatnot. That means that I’m using a smaller keyboard and a location for blogging that is, quite frankly, killing my back. To spare my back, I’m sitting further from my screen than normal. (I could set up EM at my normal computer work desk, but that’s covered with pieces of Frankenputer.)

I need to get Frankenputer back up and running, and I need to find a better way to continue blogging, but I’m pulling overtime at the Day Job to cover for other folks’ vacations.

So yeah, this morning’s piece didn’t meet even my lax standards for spelling and grammar. I’m gonna go now and try to fix up the most egregious mistakes in it now, but I dunno when I’ll be able to get back up to speed.

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