McCain: Obama would lose a war to win a political campaign

Good stuff:

This is what McCain needs to keep doing. He needs to stop being timid and be willing to hammer Obama on his every deficiency. If he can do that, if he can bring every skeleton in the closet to light, poke holes in every policy plan, showcase his panderingand flip-flops, and stress his lack of experience, then he won’t have a problem winning. He’s gotta be willing to fight for it, though. And he’s going to have to say stuff like this all the time. He has to be unafraid to take Obama on. Yes, the media will hate him for it. Yes, liberals will be outraged. But he’s no longer the media darling. They don’t love him anymore; he’s no longer their adorable maverick. They have a new savior to worship. And if he wants to win, he needs to be more active. He needs to be more visible. And he needs to be pointing things like this out on a daily basis. Hammer Obama relentlessly and don’t give up. Americans won’t be finding out any negatives about Obama between now and November, so McCain needs to force the issues into the spotlight. If not, he’ll never be able to win.

Hat Tip: Hot Air

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