Did you ever pick your feet in Poughkeepsie?

A favorite saying of my deceased father. Scott Listermann would have trouble doing that at present.

An upstate New York man says he’s still upbeat despite losing the same leg twice. Scott Listemann told the Poughkeepsie Journal that he laughs about losing his foot and lower leg “both the first time and the second time.”

The Poughkeepsie man lost his leg below the knee in a November, 2007 accident. Listemann, 47, lost his prosthetic leg last month while skydiving in upstate New York.

The lower leg below the knee, with a foot clad in a running shoe, flew off after he jumped from the plane but before the parachute opened. Listemann says he’s sure “it will show up eventually.”

Listemann has distributed flyers throughout upstate Gardiner and hopes someone will find his prosthetic leg and call him.

I can just see the phone call now. “Mr Listermann I have your leg. It will cost you an arm to get it back.” I’ll leave it up to Wizbang readers to make further jokes.

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