And the band played on

Scott Hallock certainly dropped in at Fort Riley military review yesterday.

A parachutist went off course Thursday at the start of a military review and dropped feet-first into the 1st Infantry Division’s band, injuring three players.

Several thousand people watched as the man under the red, white and blue parachute landed on the 30-member band, about 50 yards off target. A gasp went up from the crowd, followed by silence as at least a dozen people rushed over to help.

“I hear, ‘Oh, expletive,’ and immediately, I hear a crash,'” said the band’s commander, Chief Warrant Officer Scott MacDonald.

The three injured band members were treated and released from Irwin Army Community Hospital. The parachutist, Scott Hallock, refused treatment at the scene.

While Mr. Hallock survived the jump all right, one band member suffered a fractured ankle and another had his jaw broken.

“We know that they’re going to be all right,” said Gen. Charles Campbell, head of the Army’s Forces Command, during opening remarks.

Two tubas were destroyed, said Mike Keating, assistant chief of the post’s Fire Department. MacDonald said a trumpet was also damaged.

Can I suggest a couple of baritone horns in lieu of the tubas. The baritone horn was the instrument I played in elementary and junior high school.

Kudos to Chief Warrant Officer Scott MacDonald, and the rest of the band. In spite of what happened, they continued to perform yesterday. Who says military band members aren’t tough?

In honor of yesterday’s human-band collision, I’ll post a video of one of these very rare occurences. What is famously known as ‘The Play’.

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