The latest episode of the Nanny state run amok

The sack race and three-legged race have been banned from a school sports day because the children might fall over and hurt themselves.

Parents and campaigners described the move as “completely over the top”. Teachers at John F. Kennedy Primary School in Washington dropped the events after discussions with Beamish Open Air Museum, where the Edwardian-themed sports day is being held today.

About 375 children are dressing up in period costume for the event. Running, hopping and throwing table-tennis balls into buckets will be allowed.

Laura Midgley, founder of the Campaign Against Political Correctness, said: “It’s health and safety rules gone mad. I think it’s completely over the top. The worst thing that could possibly happen is the children fall over.”

No we can’t have that. Has the ‘tug of war’ been eliminated also? Children must not strain their ligaments in unsafe activity.

I suggest all children only be let out of the house every day after having to put on rubber suits and body armor. We must reduce the threat of any injury, no matter how small.(Turns off sarcasm at conclusion of this post….)

Hat tip- Joanne Jacobs

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