Flop Sweat

Well, as the general election draws nearer, I find Senator Obama is doing more and more things that I agree with.

First there was the DC gun ban. He’d spent a lot of time (although not much energy) supporting the ban, saying that he thought it was the right thing to do. That was entirely consistent with his history on gun control — he’s been in favor of outright bans of handguns, draconian restrictions on gun stores, and the like for well over a decade. Then, when the ban was struck down by the Court, he agreed with that, too.

So, in essence, he supported a law that he found unconstitutional.

But that’s not really important. What’s important is that he now backs the Court’s decision. He doesn’t just accept it, he agrees with it. So he’s with me there.

Then there was telecom immunity and the FISA bill. He was so opposed to it that he threatened to filibuster it. But when it came time to stand up and be counted, he was counted — on the side that voted in favor of the bill.

Last week, Jesse Jackson expressed his extreme displeasure with Senator Obama. Now, a lot of the time I can use Jesse Jackson as a touchstone — the more he disapproves of something, the better the odds that it’ll be something I can support.

Now he’s backtracking on his position in Iraq. He’s still in favor of a complete withdrawal, regardless of what else might be going on, but he’s pushed that back a year. Again, closer to my positions.

So, why am I not thrilled about these moves? Why do I not welcome his conversion, his coming around to a more reasonable position on the issues?

Simply put, because I do not believe him.

I don’t believe any of these positions are sincere. Senator Obama has spent way too much time, invested too much energy, into the positions he is now freely abandoning. Moreover, he hasn’t shown any enthusiasm or taken any risks to espouse his new positions, only taking them on once they have become politically advantageous.

Earlier in this election season, I said that while I disagreed with Senator Obama, I could at least respect him because he seemed to at least be a man of principles. I knew where he stood, and that helped a little.

I’d like to think that he’s changed, but I strongly suspect that rather he was fooling me all along.

And I understand now, a little, how the Nutroots are feeling now that the scales are falling from their eyes and they now see Obama as he truly is.

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