President Bush lifts offshore drilling ban

It’s about time:

The White House says President Bush is planning to lift an executive ban on offshore oil drilling.

In a Rose Garden statement on Monday, the president plans to lift the ban. But by itself, the move will not lead to more drilling off America’s coastline.

Congress must still lift its own legislative ban before offshore drilling can happen.
No need for celebrating yet, though. With Nancy “Pioneer” Pelosi & Co., it’s highly unlikely that any action will be taken. This new Freedom’s Watch ad sums it up well:

Not only is Congress not allowing domestic drilling, they’re not offering any other solutions. They’re just sitting around doing nothing, letting Americans suffer. We’re at least one step closer now, but waiting for Congress to take action to relieve the pain at the pump is like waiting for the Obamamessiah to be frank about what exactly he stands for.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

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