Barium for Breakfast

I was in MD Anderson this morning for another look-see into the bad little cells which have been going after me for a few years now. As before, things went well and the little monsters – rather literally – are not growing in size or number, so all is well. I have to admit that in the past year, I have been feeling a bit guilty when I come in for these examinations, because things for me are going well. It is unsettling to see so many people who are not getting good news, including children. Too damned many children get cancer, and I do not much like seeing children forced to undergo the nasty symptoms I have been blessed to avoid – not only from the cancer, but many of the side effects of the treatments. Then again, having seen – and seen up close – what Cancer does to people – I will say again that no one deserves it. It’s an evil, foul thing, and anyone who could be trivial about someone dying from it is a soulless ghoul, so far as I am concerned.

Sorry if the tone’s a little rough. I am still radiating from the barium, I think, but for all of that I am awfully lucky, and feeling a bit depressed that I can’t do more to help others who have not dodged that particular bullet.

May the Lord have mercy on all His children.

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