Kucinich Continues ‘Impeach Bush’ Tour ’08

Evidently, the crowd wasn’t into it:

U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced a single article of impeachment this afternoon against President Bush. But what followed his roughly 35 minutes on the House floor explaining his rationale — chiefly, that the president misled the nation into a war that has taken the lives of more than 4,100 servicemen and women — was, well, nothing.

It went into some sort of legislative review something something, so you know it’ll never see the light of day. The thing that confirms that nothing will happen is that Nancy Pelosi has anything to do with it. The combination of ‘actually doing something’ and ‘getting accomplished what you set out to accomplish’ is just the job American Congresspeople won’t do.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she managed to keep Bush in office 8 more years the way she (and her Democrat buddies) bungle things.

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