The soundtrack for your Obama-loving life

Via the MJ Morning Show, I present to you two hilarious songs centering around the Obamamessiah himself. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the media is in love with Barack Obama. Todd “MJ” Schnitt, who hosts the morning show that I listen to every morning, decided to do a few spoofs. They’re both a few months old, but I’m still going to post them.

The first one, which you probably heard on some talk radio show (but was created by MJ), is called Obama Man. I first heard this months ago, and always though Limbaugh or Hannity made it up. Not so, dear readers. When I found out who created it and that I could embed it here, I was pretty excited. The second song, which is more of a mix tape of Obama-loving, I first heard this morning. Both of them will make you laugh. A lot.

I know it’s not deep political commentary. But it’s clever and funny, and sometimes you just need to laugh.

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