The Obamamessiah can’t be bothered with balancing the budget

Not only does the Obamamessiah say that he can’t balance the budget, something McCain is promising he’ll do, but he can’t even be bothered to try. He says it just isn’t a priority for him.

Finally, some change I can believe in! Because, you know, swelling government bureaucracy by raising taxes and screwing our economy worse than it’s already screwed is definitely a change. Completely revolutionary.

Barack Obama says John McCain’s plan to balance the budget doesn’t add up. Easy for him to say: It’s not a goal he’s even trying to reach.

Not only does Obama say he won’t eliminate the deficit in his first term, as McCain aims to do, he frankly says he’s not sure he’d bring it down at all in four years, considering his own spending plans.

“I do not make a promise that we can reduce it by 2013 because I think it is important for us to make some critical investments right now in America’s families,” Obama told reporters this week when asked if he’d match McCain’s pledge.

So what is more important in tough economic times? For the government to spend more to help hard-hit Americans or to eliminate a deficit that can lead to higher borrowing costs and slow the economy?
The article notes that McCain’s policies are unlikely to eliminate the deficit in four years. This may be true, but at least McCain is saying that’s it’s a priority for him. The Obamamessiah is skipping over making actual goals with real policies for the usual empty suit rhetoric about helping the families. Exactly how he plans to do that he doesn’t really go into too much detail about, beyond the obvious higher taxes and more spending.

Another obvious difference is that the Obamamessiah has said that he wants to add about $300 billion in new spending each year, while McCain’s plans are significantly lower and also include budget cuts to offset his spending.

The Obamamessiah’s “change” is just more of the same: more taxes, more government spending, and more weakening of the economy and the dollar. How in the world can anyone say that this is anything other than standard liberal operating procedure?

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