The biggest problem plaguing Americans? We just aren’t selfish enough!

I’m having a hard time figuring out if this is a joke or not. But considering this was a recommended diary at DailyKos, there’s a good possibility the author was dead serious.

You pay all these taxes but you don’t want anything in return for it. You don’t want free health care. You don’t want time off of work. You don’t want anything. You’re not selfish enough.

You get mad when someone is taking welfare and sitting on their ass. What have you got against sitting on your ass? The whole point behind having a government and paying taxes is to have more time to sit on your ass. That’s what technology is for. You Americans work longer than anyone, pay all these taxes, make all these robots, and then not only don’t you sit on your ass, but you get mad when anyone else does. You’re f*cking crazy.

You aren’t selfish enough. That’s your whole problem. In a regular country, if anyone tried to take away health care and free time, there would be riots in the streets. Why? Because people want free health care and free time. That’s all. They are selfish.

That’s why people in other countries have a goverment. That’s why they fund all the robot-making. I can’t for the life of me tell why you have a government and do all the robot-making. Near as I can tell, you have machines that do more work than you just so you can be homeless and die. Which is the wrong kind of ass-sitting.

You say, “people on welfare are lazy.” What the hell is wrong with lazy? Do you want lazy people to starve to death? Don’t you want to be more lazy? Don’t you want a hobby? Why not?
The genius of the left, folks. Laziness is good and working hard is bad.

Of course, with this mindset, we’d never have invented electricity, or made it to the moon, or created the internet, or any of the other incredible technological advances mankind has enjoyed. Without the enterprising spirit that Americans are famous for, where would we be? If everyone’s ultimate goal was just to sit around on their asses and do nothing, then nothing would ever get accomplished.

And to wrap up, I’ll let John and Right Wing News have the last word:

The reality is that this country can’t afford to pay for the government services it’s handing out now. So, the whole idea that we can receive even more while most of the country kicks back in a hammock and lets someone else do all the work is a fraud — and it’s a fraud at the heart of liberalism.

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