McCain: “I hate the bloggers”

John Amato at Crooks and Liars posts the following snippet from a December 29, 2007 town hall meeting with John McCain in Merrimack, NH.

McCain: “Now we’ve got the cables. We’ve got talk radio. We’ve got the bloggers. I hate the bloggers. We’ve got all kinds of sources of information.”

The tone of the line and reaction from the crowd indicate that we’re probably not getting the humor context the line was obviously delivered in. Considering all the blogger conference calls McCain has personally done, and the fact that neither the Boston Globe nor CBS News chose to highlight McCain’s comment in their reporting from the Town Hall meeting it sure looks like we’re getting a cherry-picked video clip from some outfit called Progressive Media USA (aka IssueAlliance) designed to mislead. We’re getting the whole video to see what the real deal is…

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