Last week, I got considerable grief when I revealed that one of my favorite songs from childhood was David Gates’ “Goodbye Girl.” I think part of it was oversaturation — I enjoyed a local DJ, and that was the song he’d play as his sign-off song when the station went off the air. (It was the 70’s, and a small-town station that went off the air at night.)

Well, I might like that song, but it’s not one of my favorites. And some of the ones that do qualify as “favorites” have a bit more bite to them.

Now, some of you folks probably think of Phil Collins as the whiny nice guy. Well, that’s a fair rap, especially since he started doing more and more Disney stuff. Truth be told, he’s always had a bit of that in him, ever since his second recording as lead singer — “More Fool Me” on Genesis’ “Selling England By The Pound” album. Since then, songs such as “Misunderstanding” or “One More Night” or “In Too Deep” or… well, you get the idea.

But Phil Collins can rock.

Or, at least, he could. once.

You want proof?

I don’t care what anyone else says — not even Phil, who co-wrote the song: it’s the Psycho song.

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