Hey, Joe, Where You Goin’ With That Gun In Your Hand?

Not to London.

Yes, this is the fourth piece on Wizbang featuring Joe Horn, but that’s because his story resonates across so many levels.

England is, socially, touted as superior to us in many ways. They have socialized medicine, they’ve banned handguns, and they have a very hefty immigrant population that they are bending over backwards to accomodate. (Both the head of the state church and now the nation’s Chief Justice have endorsed allowing Shariah law to be upheld in Jolly Old England.)

Now, the mayor of the nation’s capitol is going on record recommending that his city turn into a population of neighbors of Kitty Genovese.

Here’s the fun thing: if everyone is, morally, a neighbor of Kitty Genovese, then it logically follows that everyone is a potential Kitty Genovese.

A city where no one will get involved in helping a neighbor being victimized is a city full of potential victims who can count on getting no help from anyone when they are the victim.

That’s the logical conclusion of putting more and more and more faith in the government, more and more dependence on the government to fix everything. You get out of the habit of looking out for yourself and your neighbors.

In my earlier piece, I said we need a nation of Joe Horns. I think England needs them even more than we do.

Maybe they can just clone John Smeaton?

This should be my last posting on Joe Horn for some time, quite possibly forever. Unless another angle or connection comes to mind. But four should be enough.

Happy Birthday, America!
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