“You Know, You’re The Kind Of Guy I’d Really Like To Hang Around With”

I’ve always enjoyed reading bumper stickers. They offer some great insights into human nature, and the personality of the person who chooses to display them on their vehicle. Well, the other day, I happened to be perusing this guy’s handy mobile library, and I swear my brain was on the verge of exploding:


For one general group of people, he has Grateful Dead and Phish stickers, “God Bless The Whole World — No Exceptions,” “Keep your but in the car. The Earth is not your ashtray.,” a Newbury Comics logo, and “got ink?”

For those of a contrasting political bent, he has “Annoy A Liberal – Work hard and be happy,” “Work Harder. Millions On Welfare Depend on You!,” “Get US Out! of the United Nations,” “No Whining,” and “WELCOME TO AMERICA – NOW SPEAK ENGLISH.” And his two candidate stickers are for Republicans — Vermont governor Jim Douglas and state Senator Wendy Wilton.

Then, for the freaks out there, “What Would Scooby Do?” and “I DON’T BRAKE FOR YANKEES FANS.”

Yes, this guy was from Vermont, but he was in New Hampshire when I saw his truck.

This is the kind of guy I think I could get along with…

(Bonus points to the first person who identifies the two lines I stole from legendary standup comics, and the comics who first used the lines.)

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