Free falling

Not your average slip and fall lawsuit.

A woman named Rory Beer took a wicked spill while dancing on the bar at a popular Division Street night spot in August 2006. Now, she wants $50,000 for her pain.

On Monday, Beer, formerly known as Rory Roberts, filed a lawsuit claiming that she was injured at Bar Chicago, 9 W. Division.

The lawsuit claims that Bar Chicago encourages patrons to dance on the bar, but doesn’t warn people of slippery surfaces or provide handrails, “cushioned flooring” or “safety nets.” As a result, Beer took a tumble and severely and permanently injured her left foot and ankle. She wants at least $50,000 in damages.

Ms. Beer, a great name for someone suing a bar, surprises me by not accusing the bar of not supplying a trampoline to make it easier for customers to get from the bar to the floor. Now that may have given the lawsuit some extra needed bounce.

All lame snark aside, this lawsuit is dumb, but not surprising. Ms. Beer’s attorney is either hoping for a jury just as mentally challenged as his defendent, or the bar offering a settlement rather than risk trial. Today in America if your stupidity causes you to injure yourself on someone else’s property, rest arrured there will be a lawyer ready to file suit for you.

Hat tip- Overlawyered

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