Changes late in life

I think some of the reporting below is just nuts.

A man with high levels of the female hormone oestrogen is naturally turning into a woman, but doctors say the process is irreversible.

Terry Wright, 60, started losing his hair and beard ten years ago.

Since then, the father of five has developed smooth skin, hot flushes and breasts.

Mr Wright, a pub singer from Birmingham, gets harassed by local children who call him the “She-Man”.


Mr Wright, who has to wear a wig, has a slim build and is 5ft 4in height, making him appear even more feminine.

Blood tests have revealed that Mr Wright has abnormally high levels of the female hormone oestrogen. But doctors who have examined him say they have never seen such a case – and do not know what to do to reverse the process.

Some testicular cancers can produce high levels of oestrogen and drugs that used to treat prostate cancer can have similar effects. However, doctors say this in not true in this case.

An MRI scan has ruled out the oestrogen surge being caused by a tumour and a psychiatrist has judged him mentally sound.

His GP wrongly suspected he was trying to change gender and offered him a sex swap which he refused.

“I am a man, not a woman. And I do not want to be a woman. I just want to get my life back to normal,” he said.

Professor Richard Ross, a hormones specialist and the head of Endocrinology at The University of Sheffield said: “This case seems very unusual.”

Mr Wright added: “Doctors call me an ‘interesting case’ and ‘unique’ but I just want to go back to being a proper man.”

While Mr. Wright’s blood chemistry has changed, causing some physical changes, most people would still define him as a man because of what is between his legs. I would in Mr. Wright’s case. Female hormones can’t cause a man’s equipment to disappear, but it would probably cause it to atrophy.

A couple of other observations on this article-

Mr Wright had to undergo a psychological test. At first glance a man taking on female characteristics would appear an abnormal event, so I understand the disbelief doctors and medical professionals would have when seeing Mr. Wright.

I don’t blame Mr. Wright for wanting to be a proper man again. To have one’s gender changed unwillingly, has to be unsettling. I vaguely recall stories of children raised as girls after a circumcision was botched. The results for the girls probably wasn’t very pretty as they grew up.(Gender identity issues)

Update- A blogger in Australia is also discussing this news. Zoe has considerable experience with Idiopathic Partial Sex Reversal aka IPSR.

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