Running Numbers: A Correction

Thanks to reader “bnorm,” I have discovered I made a rather hefty error in my piece from yesterday looking at 527 groups. I accidentally listed the group “American Solutions Winning The Future” as a liberal group. They claim to be bipartisan, but Open Secrets tags them as “conservative,” so I’ll defer to them on that one.

With that in mind, I have to rejigger all the numbers I used, as shifting the #4 527 group and their almost $10 million dollars from “Liberal” to “Conservative” makes some significant changes.

Here are the REVISED five observations I made:

1) Liberal groups make up 17 of the top 25, conservatives only six. (The remaining two — Unity 08 and the American Dental Association — are considered “neutral.”)

Correction: Liberal groups make up 16 of 25, conservatives seven.

2) Seven of the top ten are liberal, including all of the top five.

Correction: six of the top ten, four of the top five.

3) The top two liberal groups alone have raised roughly $10 million more than all of the conservative groups in the top 25.

Correction: The top two liberal groups alone have raised roughly as much as all the conservative groups in the top 25.

4) Both personally and through his Management Fund, George Soros has given over $9 million to 527s — about $2 million than the biggest single conservative group has managed to raise.


5) Seven of the top 25 groups are unions.


Also, I said that liberals have raised $4.50 for every dollar conservatives have. The actual, corrected number is closer to $2.50. ($4.49 and change to $2.53 and change, to be more precise.)

Finally, the centerpiece of my article was a chart showing the top 25 527 groups. I’ve revised it to make the correction, as well as a couple of styling “tweaks” to make it more readable:


(click for larger)

I apologize for my error, and I thank “bnorm” for catching it. I was too hasty, didn’t double-check my work before I published it, and I regret that — and will be more careful in the future.

I don’t promise it won’t happen again, though — I know myself all too well. All I can promise is that if when it does happen again, I will be as prompt and forthright about fixing it as I was this time.

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