Race To The Bottom

You know, for a very long time, I’ve wondered just how loathsome a Massachusetts politician could be. And every time I thought I’d found the champion, another would come along and say or do something even more reprehensible.

Senators Kerry and Kennedy should need no explanation.

The late Congressman Gerry Studds held it for a while. He was censured by the House for seducing an underage page, carrying on a relationship with the seventeen-year-old boy for some time. When the censuring was formally presented, he defiantly turned his back on the House.

It took a few years, but soon Studds was forgiven by most. He kept getting re-elected, and eventually rose to hold considerable power in the House.

On the local level, Massachusetts has the dubious distinction of having two consecutive House Speakers get convicted of felonies for corruption.

And there’s Representative James Fagan, who I mentioned recently.

But I think we finally have a champion — or, at least, someone who will hold the title for at least a little while: US Representative William Delahunt.

Delahunt has been an asshole for some time, but mostly a low-key one. But last week, during a Congressional hearing, he was questioning David Addingtion, Vice President Cheney’s chief of staff. And when he found Mr. Addington not suitably deferential, he basically invited terrorists to kill him.

Think that’s an exaggeration? Mr. Addington was stating why he could not give specific details about intelligence gathering in a public hearing. Here’s the exact quotes:

Addington: “I can’t talk to you because Al Qaeda may watch C-SPAN.”

Delahunt: “Right. Well, I’m sure they are watching, and I’m glad they finally have a chance to see you, Mr. Addington.”

Addington:: “Yeah, I’m sure you’re pleased.”

And here’s the video:

Yup, that’s our Representative William Delahunt. (Well, not mine — I’ve got a New Hampshire moonbat representing me, but “our” as in “part of our government.) Just pleased that a high official in the Executive branch has been shown on television around the world while his role in fighting terrorism has been highlighted, and hoping that some of those whose lives Mr. Addington has worked to make difficult got a good, long look at their enemy.

What the hell IS it about Massachusetts, anyway? Screw a fence with Mexico. I want one along New Hampshire’s southern border.

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