I’m Such A Blind Optimist

Back on June 19th, I broke my informal rule about making predictions — especially those that can be readily disproven — and said that the new “ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas would last two weeks. I deeply regret making that prediction, because I was terribly, terribly wrong.

It actually lasted less than a week.

Of course, that’s not the spin being presented by the reliably pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli media. To them, Hamas launching rockets into Israel isn’t a violation of the truce, it is a “test.” And it’s up to Israel to pass — or fail — the test. If they ignore the attacks, then they “pass” and the ceasefire stands. If they decide to hit back, then the pact is shattered — and it’s Israel’s fault.

I have one idea that keeps coming back to mind. The usual Palestinian apologists harp on how Hamas is the duly elected, legal government of the Gaza Strip, and bring that up when assailing the US policy of not dealing with terrorists.

Well, they’re right. Hamas IS the duly-elected, legal government of the Gaza Strip.

I say that Israel — and the US — ought to simply declare that Hamas is the duly-elected, legal government of the Gaza Strip, with all the rights — and obligations — that go with that. And the next time Hamas launches an attack, Israel simply says that it has accepted Hamas’ declaration of war.

Hamas wants to play with the big boys. Well, that’s how the game is played in the big leagues, punks. You declare war? You wage war? We wage war right back at you.

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