Iran So Far Away

Ah, the Boston Globe. If you ever need to remind yourself how clueless the establishment mainstream liberal media can be, they never disappoint.

To wit, today’s column by H. D. S. Greenway, entitled “Obsessing about Iran.”

Reading the column, I find myself wondering just why people insist on seeing Iran as a threat to peace and stability, as a danger to the world’s economy, as an irrational actor in an extremely sensitive region.

Could it be because they’ve spent literally decades supporting and waging terrorism around the world? Nah.

Could it be because they have a lengthy history of lashing out at anyone who they think might not side with them? Including mining international waters in the Persian Gulf and the Straits of Hormuz? Not, that, either.

Could it be that, despite Mr. Greenway’s assurances, they are actually as close as six months from possessing a nuclear weapon? Silly me.

Could it be that there are literally dozens of ways Iran could cause huge mischief and wreak havoc, should they so choose? I doubt it.

The plain, unvarnished, simple truth is that Greenway’s argument — along with many of those who howl about “Bush’s eeeeevil plan to attack innocent Iran” are basing their beliefs on a single, flawed presumption — that the rulers of Iran can be counted on to act in a rational, reasonable manner. That they will be governed first and foremost by their own self-interest.

There simply isn’t any evidence to support that.

So the only responsible thing to do, as I see it, is to recognize that they are not rational — if not downright batshit crazy — and deal with them from that basis. The first thing to do is to minimize the harm they can cause should they try to lash out, and that means keeping them from getting nukes.

And that must be done in an absolutely verifiable manner. They have proven, time and again, that they can not be trusted to keep their word. Any resolution needs to be permanent and not based on simply their promise — even if they pinkie-swear.

A huge amount of the world’s oil flows through the Straits of Hormuz, and Iran could impair — if not shut down — passage through that. Iran has already shown that it can — and will — throw shocks through the oil market by causing a little trouble in those waters. If they chose to do so for real, the entire world would be hurting — and the price of oil, already at record highs, would skyrocket.

So sorry, Mr. Greenway, if I don’t take your reassurances that Iran isn’t a major threat to world peace. Not only do you have literally years and years of being wrong, but simple common sense and even a casual acquainance with recent Middle East history says otherwise.

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